|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
First Person Seppuku
by Robotic | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Quick ! Kill yourself while you still have some honor !

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Play with the mouse only
insert says...
The art looks really slick.
cjacobwade says...
Looks awesome! TIP: Try adding these lines of code somewhere in your game: if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { Screen.lockCursor = true; Screen.showCursor = false; } It will lock the mouse in the center of the screen and hide it, so the game will play better.
hellocld says...
Really digging the visual style on this, nicely done!
Nice style, really original! Controls took me a while to figure out though :p
packetpirate says...
The camera movement is WAYYY too sensitive, and this game could use an explanation of controls.
Alchiggins says...
I couldn't pick up either of the weapons? Looks nice, I really want to actually play this.
How do you use the gun?
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