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Rely on your friend.

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Symbiosis is a 2 person co-op puzzle game. There's one key difference, you see through the eyes of your friend and vice-versa. You must communicate efficiently to navigate and solve the puzzles. The red eye can fire lasers! Laser destroy certain objects and activate laser catchers. The green eye can pick objects up and place them on buttons to open gates. This is best played over voice chat so you and your friend can communicate to each other on what you need to do. Build in Unity3D with c#, music and sound effects made with Tabletop on an iPad. Version 0.8 available now.
ryleigh says...
haven't tried it yet, but that is a very clever idea!
klicktock says...
4 Swords GBA had that mechanic. It was fantastic. RED, SHOOT THE ONE ON THE RIGHT!
Darkfrost says...
This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Sadly, my partner didn't find it as much fun and quit on the level with with the red moving thing :p Amazingly fun though, so SO good! I loved it :D
Darkfrost says...
Had a slight issue with positions being slightly out of sync, but other than that it was fine :)
ljdp says...
Glad you liked it! Did you find the 4th level too frustrating (the one with the red NPC?).
Cheeseness says...
Neat idea! Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
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