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No Way Out!
by SpaceBudgie | submitted for 7dfps |



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Double or Nothing

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Make your way through an endless series of rooms, taking on increasing numbers of enemy robots and drones, in an attempt to make big bucks! - Online coop multiplayer - 40 levels, which scale in difficulty as you progress - 2 weapons, 2 enemy types - Disco lights! Controls: Movement: W,A,S,D Mouse FireGun: Left Click GunSelect: Q Tab: Chat/Menu
Nice models. I fell out of the map when the next room didn't spawn. :)
SpaceBudgie says...
@The Kelly Gang Oh crap - thanks for letting us know, there is a death zone to catch you and respawn you, but it looks like its not being generated with the rooms.
LokisSword says...
Look awesome, can't wait to play the final build - planning on working on this past 7DFPS?
SpaceBudgie says...
Maybe, depends how we feel after some good sleep.
HuvaaKoodia says...
A SmashTV FPS? I like the idea. If you decide to develop this a bit further I urge you to concentrate on the moment-to-moment gameplay. Basically the shootybits. Take note from similar games line SmashTV, Doom, Paranautical Activity and basically any Shmup or TwinStickShooter you can muster. The fun factor lies in the delicate balance of shooting, movement and enemy challenge. In games like these every enemy projectile is avoidable. Dodging is possible because with skill mobility trumps all dangers. The challenge comes from matching situational awareness and maneuvering with circumstances created by the sheer number of concurrent enemies and projectiles. My recommendations in a nutshell: -More visible and slower projectiles for enemies with smaller firerate. (Imps from DooM) -More enemies, many of which with no weapons. (SmashTV) -Match these numbers with the player's maximum achievable mobility. (Skill curve) -Players can have high firerate weapons (monsters don't care about fairness). -Experiment with friendly fire. -Playtest like crazy.
SpaceBudgie says...
@ HuvaaKoodia It's definitely something we need to work on, and your recommendations sound on the ball! We focused too much on the feature list than we did the gameplay, and it does show in the final build, which is more just a frenzied shooter right now. We will most likely start working on it again at some point, but probably after a meet up and an evaluation of what we need to do, and how long it will take. Thanks for your feedback!
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