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They See You

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An adventure platformer-shooter where you awake in a strange void, infested with dangerous flying monster eyeballs. Can you get inside the tower and discover the secret? Controls: WASD movement Left-click fires weapon Right-click aims down sight (hold) F5 - quick save E - activate (switches, pick up medkits) F - switch flashlight on/off Space - jump Shift - sprint (you will need this to make some jumps) C - crouch 1 - switch to automatic pistol 2 - switch to disruptor One of my main goals with this game was to create a strong atmosphere. While I feel it could have been better, given more time, it is still satisfying. I was also fairly lenient with the amount of ammo the player gets (although there are no pickups) and the ability to save at any time. I hope you enjoy the game and I appreciate any feedback. Source code: https://sourceforge.net/p/cornea/code/ci/master/tree/
HuvaaKoodia says...
The minor gripes first: -Esc should resume the game rather than quit. -Quickload key. -With resolutions larger than 800x600 my framerate tanks hard when ever I look at any lightsource. Then for the gameplay: Excessive platforming from first person perspective is a killjoy. Having quicksaves makes it possible, but it's still annoying. I'm guessing the boss monster isn't supposed to push me though the walls of the level, but that's exactly what it does. The good news is that it pushed me through the boss room door to the end, so I didn't have to fight it any longer. I did like the weird atmosphere with the moving tower and the floating eyes, and that is what you aimed for so good job, but without a passable way for engaging in this virtual world it's not worth much. I would have liked a six degrees of freedom movement system as in Descent and Terminal Velocity. That way there could have been a bigger emphasis on exploration. Scaling the moving tower, at times going inside it to find a key or similar, or having a larger installation with lots of weird architectural sights to fly around looking for things, would suit the yearning for atmosphere and immersion. I hope this was helpful.
Sparks says...
HuvaaKoodia, Thanks for playing through the game and giving feedback. First off, I agree that the gameplay itself is not very good. It should be noted that the majority of my time was spent on technical details, since the game was not made with Unity but rather a home-made engine built from the ground up in C++. In choosing to pursue this challenge, it left me with little time to design the gameplay, world, and AI. So, the real impressive thing is the code(which was previously worked on for some time). Some of the major obstacles included: parsing and building the game world, managing static geometry and dynamic objects, streaming sectors of the game world, creating the dynamic character controller from scratch using Bullet, the weapon animation, using correct per-pixel diffuse lighting, creating a system that allows efficient player-world interaction (doors, switches, triggers, etc.), building the physics collision geometry per mesh, ladder climbing (still buggy), implementing correct 3D sound and controlling it efficiently, serializing the player profile, the list goes on. So perhaps after reading your comments, I realize my more important goal was to build an engine from scratch. The world design was quick and dirty, and I agree the platforming is a bit tiring. The boss wasn't originally intended to push the player through walls, however it ended up doing this so I left it in the game due to time constraints, as well as the glitch that allows you to skip the fight (it will be fixed in an update, by adding another world sector between the boss room and end). Indeed, having a larger system with more exploration (of course taking much more time to create) would be a better implementation of the engine. The next time I do a game jam like this I'll be using a game engine like Unity or UDK to allow more time for focus on the actual game. Thanks again and I'll be giving your game a try.
HuvaaKoodia says...
@Sparks Technical stuff does eat major time no matter what the project. The decision to use a ready made engine certainly mitigates the amount, so good call.
LokisSword says...
I like the slightly odd atmosphere, so plus points there :) Lighting was a bit flat, but as you say - this is a scratch built engine so maximum respect there (mine also wasn't made in a game engine/editor)! Can tell gameplay was secondary due to time limit - but I think you did very well to write the engine yourself.. good job.
jtiberiusk says...
this is a pretty good game. I really like the feel of the weapon and the floating eyes.
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