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a (not so) FPS

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*** UPDATE *** Hi guys, As promised some final updates and tweaks to our game. You can now actually die, there is a HUD and a score-system and we have a win and a lose condition. There are still some minor bugs, but this will do for now. Hopefully you can enjoy the effort! Best wishes from the Netherlands! *** FINISHED *** It's done. What an amazing experience this has been. I want to thank my team for their great GREAT effort and their insights. I want to thank the initiators of this jam for another amazing week and I want to thank everyone who plays our game! It has been fun, insightful and tough. A blast all around! In the nick of time I present to you guys: FPS a (not so) FPS. A game where you shoot stuff in a spaceship. The objective is to Shoot the First Player. A play on words, yes we went there. More about the game you can read in the original post. For now I wish you all good night! Best wishes, Vic van Hensberg oneuppedgames.com MY TEAM OF AWESOMENESS Tommy Albinus (graphical Wunderkind) Boy Carper (programmer of universes) Bart van Oort (creator of deadline-pushing soundbites) P.s. The build is not finished (like it would ever, rite?), so there are some minor bugs left and you can't die (there is a death animation with a lot of blood though, but somehow I couldn't program a proper win-con /amateur). Anyway, I will update this game later this month, or the next month, or somewhere before 7DFPS2014. *** ORIGINAL POST *** Hey guys! For 7DFPS I decided to make a play on words. So the game will not be an actual First Person Shooter, but you will be playing First Person Shooter. So it's an FPS, but it's not. In FPS you will have to shoot the #1 person (aka the First Person) in a world where everyone looks the same. The only difference is that each NPC / enemy will have a number above his head. The First Person is a tricky enemy, he will hide, shoot other Persons so they become enraged / scared, which will result in total chaos (Persons will run, start shooting each other, pile up into groups, etc). This way the First Person is more difficult to track down. The First Person will also send large enemies to fight you (boss battles, I can only hope!) The more innocent Persons live, the higher your score will be, so be careful on your rampage (or not, as the innocent drop new, stronger guns and ammo). In the end there will be rainbows and cake, but for now this screenshot will suffice. My team consists out of me (5 days), and two friends (each 2 days). The game will feature 4 guns, a lot of clones, platforming action, double jumps and (hopefully) a soundtrack by BitsBeats. Let me know what you think! Best wishes and good luck to you all! Vic p.s. I hope you all don't mind me doing a small spin on the game-jam title. I'm trying out a new engine and artstyle for a project I am currently running (which is a 2D platformer) and I already have no spare time left (due to work), so I wanted to combine things.
Shymoonesk says...
This is not very "fair", but it can be cool ^^ But I understand why you're doing this.
I agree on the fairness level, but I hope you all can enjoy my game nonetheless ^_^
Beavl says...
Well, not really an FPS I think, but it's really nice! Loved the graphics
Thanks! Wow and 25 likes already! Thanks guys for all the support!
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