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Sector 7
by Jakintosh | submitted for 7dfps |



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Guns, Beats, Lights. Seven Sectors to Freedom.

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What happens when you take the best elements from twitch-avoidance games like Super Hexagon and Pivvot, and smash those together with FPS elements? Probably not this game, but hey, I'm gonna try! In Sector 7, you must dodge obstacles, and shoot targets to open doors at the end of each Sector, of which there are 7. Each sector increases in speed and obstacle difficulty, among other things... This thing is being designed as I go, I'll keep the description updated as the week progresses. //------ End of Jam Update ------- So, I only ended up finishing 3 of the seven sectors, but I have all the frameworks in place to finish the game pretty quickly. Almost everything else in the game is relatively polished (for one guy and a week!) and I'm really happy with how it came out. I didn't get a ton of time to do a huge amount of difficulty tweaking, but it IS supposed to be a little on the difficult side. Anyway, here is some info! -Shoot the red targets! -Don't hit the walls! -You need to hit all targets to clear a sector! I think all the other things are told to you in game. Design: Me! Programming: Me! Art: Me! Music: Me! I got the reticle from google somewhere, and the font is 7th Service from 1001freefonts.com OSX was my development platform, and I have confirmed that it works on Windows, but not Linux yet. If you test it on linux, let me know if there are any problems! // -------------------------------- I am Jak Tiano, a Game Design/Game Programming student from Champlain College, and this is my first 3D game-jam. This is also my first time using Unity3D on a project, so lets see how it goes.
Spike1 says...
Although I haven't played any of those games, it sounds like a cool idea! :). Goodluck with your project, I can't wait to play it :)
sparkes says...
Hi Jak, I said I'd give it a whirl over on Indie Statik and here I am :) Works fine on windows dude, I'm terrible at it but that's my problem. Nice game. A couple of Unity things might make it feel a bit better one is shrinking the diameter of the hit capsule on the player at the moment the player 'feels' really wide and the other is changing the near parameter on the camera to 0.001 (I think that's as low as it goes) so when the player dies they won't click through the wall. Other than that it's completely ace and it's something I'm going to keep on my drive to play again. Well done dude first jam and first unity project a success.
Jakintosh says...
Hey, thanks for the tips, sparkes! The camera-through-the-wall thing was bugging me, didn't realize I could fix it. Also, thanks for the player width feedback, that was one of those things that I just got used to while play testing, and is why I really wanted other people to try it out and let me know what they think. I'll be continuing development on the game, finishing the last few sectors' obstacles, and balancing difficulty, so check back here maybe at the end of the week or maybe the beginning of next week for an updated build. Again, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you liked it!
Several says...
It's an engaging recipe you're experimenting with, but I find myself getting hung up on a few things: - I want to move left/right faster. - I want to turn all the way around. - I want a wider FOV, for a more exaggerated sense of motion. - I want to move forward faster. (This probably means the the targets may need to get a little larger, for ease of aiming.) - I want a cue when I've passed a barrier, so I know when it's safe to slide left/right again. (Alternatively, barriers could be thinner, or disable after I'm halfway through.) - I want a little more variation—maybe switching from mostly dodging to mostly shooting for a little while. - I want the visual theme taken to hyperbolic extremes. Hah, actually, I could probably keep going—think I switched to thinking out loud about how the game might grow somewhere along the way. There are some lovely things it could become. Good first stab at a 3D competition and Unity! If you've time, definitely consider participating in Ludum Dare—you can get a lot of insightful feedback there, too.
Cheeseness says...
I've tested it on Linux and it seems to run well. The above comments are pretty good, although the key one I would recommend at this point is some sort of continue feature so that players could start from the last played stage. Either way, it's a good start :) Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
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