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A maze, a torchlight. Find the exit !

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You wake up in a dark maze. How did you get there ? Will you be able to find the exit without loosing your sanity ? Hint: Use the left mouse button to drop marbles and mark your way down the maze.
lizzip says...
Wow our games are quite similar, but yours is looking a lot nicer :P
ManyEdges says...
I just checked out your game. It funny to see we had similar ideas ;)
Spike1 says...
I didn't manage to win(lol :D), but nice game! I really like the use of sanity, and the way it played with the quickness of the heartbeat was quite good :D. The main thing about this game was sound, and the ambient noise was fantastic. The graphics were also pretty good, although I find the textures a little too repetitive. I'm not sure if that was on purpose(it definitely contributes to me getting lost lol :D), but I think there should have been maybe some crates, or boxes, that sort of stuff scattered round :D. Anyway, cool game! 7/10 :D
ManyEdges says...
Hey, thanks for the review. I didn't spend too much time on the graphics, the point of the game was to test the Sanity mechanic, for another game that I'm working on. But I think you are right I could have add some props. By the way did you know you could drop marbles to mark your way by clicking the left mouse button ? I will add that to the game description.
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