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Can you space?

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This game is really really simple, since I started on the 2nd last day of the challenge i did not had enough time to finish until It reached basic addiction. Simple minecraft clone i coded, you can literally go to the other spaceblocks, although the game isn't optimized in any way, no chunk loading, no occlusion culling, and worst of all, the spaceblocks are made up of independent cubes. For now theres iron, alluminium, gold, emerald, iron, steel, copper, coin which are useless :(. But I guess the game is in a good contidition, im going to have start learning how to do voxels and uv texturing, for my age, game is good... very good.
Fix some bugs, try some new things that minecraft didn't step on. (Maybe make Skyblock a minecraft survival game in space. Like Dead Space, but minecraft-y. Or like a story driven RPG of minecraft that has certain elements that no mod could add in.) Otherwise, looks like it needs a little more work, (Bugs.) other than that, you could probably build and expand on this idea.
Mutzke says...
1. No tasks - No sense 2. Can't place Blocks 3. Turning Platform? Nope 4. Bad controls 5. Total rip-off
DryTear says...
Mutzke, place blocks be selecting a block with the text field. No tasks? try to make a house and survive without falling into outer space. Turning platform? are you drunk. bad controls? im guessing youre not using WASD? rip-off? its free -_-
THIS IS a total rip of from sky block.
DryTear says...
its free -_-
RadJor says...
He does have "minecraft clone" in the description. You aren't being tricked. Also, as he says, it is free. The point of the 7dfps is to challenge yourself to create something you haven't created before. Everything is fair game. Its a learning and growing experience. Anyways, I am impressed by what you managed to pull off in just a few days. I wish I could manage that. Looks like a fun project too.
DryTear says...
too bad they are individual objects :( - and im guessing they are just fans on minecraft that dont understand game development
Cheeseness says...
Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
DryTear says...
@Cheeseness no problem
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