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Dimension Hopping Fun

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Left click: open tear Right click: close tear P: in game menu The "Continue" option doesn't do anything :( http://wolfgangschuster.blogspot.com/
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Spike1 says...
Cant play it right now(Am participating), but it looks like a really cool idea! I haven't seen many games like this, in fact I haven't seen any lol, so this looks cool. Just wondering, what game engine did you use? But anyway, looks cool and I can't wait to play it :D
Spike1 says...
lol, that was pretty fun :D. I don't think I did what I was meant to, all I did was create portals and then spaz out :D. I'll keep messing with it to try and know what I should be doing, but it was fun even not knowing :P. The enemies looked pretty cool, I enjoyed jumping on top of them lol :D. Anyway, fun game, but I had no idea what to do :D
Cheeseness says...
Your Linux download is the URL for the Windows version! Please tag me ( @Cheeseness ) if you fix it! :D
wolfadex says...
@Cheeseness thank you for letting me know! It has been corrected.
Cheeseness says...
Awesome, I've added you to the article: http://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-7dfps-challenge-2013-a-linux-perspective-part-two.2319 Also, a neat concept. I hope you continue developing it :)
wolfadex says...
@Cheeseness Thanks for including me in the article! Do you plan on making an article for Ludum Dare as well?
Cheeseness says...
@wolfadex No worries at all, it's my pleasure ^_^ I don't have any plans to cover Ludum Dare at the moment (I put a lot of stuff on hold for 7DFPS that needs my attention). I'm certain that if anybody wanted to write something up and throw it at GOL via the article submission system, it'd get published (and I'd definitely be keen on reading about it) :)
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