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Raspberries Quest!
by Spike1 | submitted for 7dfps |



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We all know vegies are evil...

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IMPORTANT: This game does not run properly on windows 8. I apologize for any inconvenience :(. -Btw, linux version coming soon :) Notes: This game demands a fairly good computer to run. If your computer isn't too great, I have provided a replacement download which will run better. It runs at about 40fps on a 7 year old computer, so hopefully it should be fine :D. The lower quality file is Here. To install it, simply copy the executable file into the Data folder of the game. If it asks you too replace files, say yes :). This is an action packed adventure, where you play as a raspberry just bought from a fruit store. Your life gets turned upside down when you get thrown into a kitchen full of mayhem, as a renegade fruit, the Pumkin is leading his final strike against the rest of the fruits! Battle many different enemies, go through fairly decent looking environments(I'm awesome at marketing :D), while trying to save the fruits! This is only the first of 5 chapters too come, so keep a look out here: Link :) Features: Smooth Movement Multiple enemies with different attack patterns Very Different guns Cutscenes Good music :D Good graphics Decent Length Storyline -Added a trailer :D -ITS DONE! :D. The first chapter is playable at about 6mins when your a pro(If you don't cheat, with cheats it can take as low as 2 mins XD), and up to 15 mins if your not :D Credits(Sorry for putting them in so late lol :D): http://www.nosoapradio.us/ http://www.cgtextures.com/ Programs used: Blender Audacity LMMS Adobe Flash/After Effects Paint(lol :D) Gimp
wolfadex says...
I used Unity for the engine, Blender for the art, and BFXR and Audactiy for the sounds. I'm not a particularly good artists but I can do blocks and blobs. I'm also not too great with music/sound but I try. Your game is really cool. The opening video was a little saturated but the game itself was fun. really cool world to play in.
Spike1 says...
Thanks wolfadex, good too know it was fun :D. Seems like you didn't encounter any bugs either, so yay! :D. The reason the first cutscene is slightly saturated(although its actually just bloom :D) is because at the first part I wanted it to be in a fruit store but didn't want to have to model it, so I just used a bloom and made the background bright so it blurred nicely making it not look bad :D. I might tone it down a little, or even model a proper fruit store for the next chapter :).
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