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Destroy The Crucible

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ABOUT: This game was made using Java and a library I wrote called Macmilib. If you are interested, the source code is found here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51981820/COMPETITIONS/7DFPS/src.zip To beat the game you must destroy the crucible. The crucible is shielded by four shards which spawn zombies. You must destroy all four shards to be able to destroy the crucible. You shoot using any of the mouse keys. You can move using the WASD keys. Make sure to pick up ammo and health so you don't die! The game uses a 3D renderer I wrote which is rather un-optimised. I would advise the use of a relatively good computer to play this. Feel free to mess with the source code as you like. The source code does not include the 3D-rendering code, that is in the library.
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Cheeseness says...
Looks neat. Had a problem with mouse input under Linux where it behaved as though the mouse was constantly being moved up, making it difficult to play, but otherwise seems solid.
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