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Super Cycleball 8000
by Coreacore | submitted for 7dfps |



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This is sport.

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Application locks mouse cursor, so be careful. Also, there is no menus of any sort so be very careful. WASD = movement / Q = switch arms / mouse left = throw ball, shoot gun / mouse right = gun zoom Try to pick and throw the ball into a hole to score a point. You have four team mates, meaning that you can die four times. You can only shoot players holding the ball. Of course there are bugs, like one where the ball gets lost.
fei says...
Nice concept! I can't find the ball though, (I had to die 4 times to see the camera looking at the ball to see a tiny little sphere) maybe add a flag or hud or something to find it more easily? Also I think a more limited speed and a wider camera angle would help understanding what's going on :)
Rxanadu says...
Love the concept. It's very simple, and that's what I like about it. Just going around the ring at top speeds was enough fun for me.
Coreacore says...
Yes I am planning to make some sort of indicator to see where the ball goes. Maybe something like in NHL games.
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