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In My Sights
by Liz England | submitted for 7dfps |



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Like an M-rated Where's Waldo

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Short, simple, mildly depressing. Technically a first-person-shooter-hidden-picture-puzzle-game. I like mixing genres. Made in Construct 2. Hint: Stopping the bomb is the only thing that matters.
Teh_Bucket says...
Well that was interesting.
radiatoryang says...
Interesting concept but I really have *no* idea what to look for, at all
Chronodrax says...
Ok, I stopped the bomb. I like the way you think. I had some trouble with the sniper's precision though, when trying to aim at a precise target. When I want to move just 2-3 pixels further I suddenly jump like 2 people away from where I wanted to aim. Or Is it done on purpose ?
Liz England says...
I'm afraid I can't give any hints on how to stop the bomb. Chonodrax - totally not on purpose. During last minute fixes, I managed to break scope movement just enough that precision is a little frustrating. Sorry!
Bilis says...
I have stopped the bomb!! Jaja!!
bio says...
Don't really know what to think, to be honest... I have spent more than an hour trying to find SOMETHING - no success... I don't have the faintest idea what to look for or what to notice... My real issue, though, is with the navigation. I find it next to impossible to smoothly control the crosshair. It seems to have its own will, refusing to react to my mouse gestures at times, strating to scroll whicchever way it feels like - without me even touching the mouse. Also, even when i manage to stop the crosshair - which is not too often - it seems impossible to move it slightly - just as Chronodrax mentioned it. Once I had a suspect, but 16 seconds wasn't enough to set the crosshair on him... and probably not because I'm that clumsy. (I use Win 7 and Chrome, if that's important) Last, but not least - it would be great to have an option to find out what I was supposed to notice without finding it out myself - as I said, I spent more than an hour and now watching the same crowd again and again (and again and again...) is simply too boring :( I know that I'm not gonna find anything because I've looked the whole place thoroughly over a number of times, even among the balloons and the curtain... so, I'm evidently missing what I shouldn't. Which might, of course be my fault - but still I'd like to know, and without the torture of having to watch the crowd for the thousandth time :( From the comments I know it is possible to beat the game, and I have the feeling that the solution is good - I just don't know what it is :(
I had a target in mind from the start but checkt to be sure and fooled around a bit just to find out I was right from the start, thanks to the hint IN THE INTRO. Aiming was kind of a b!#$% but was i where able to take shots. Could have been more to the game like more option to beat the game or randomized crowd. Still a fun short game.
RETRO_MPH says...
The scariest part of this. Its realistic.
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