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Empty Chambers
by Alchiggins | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Some have no use for a bleeding heart.

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A gunman hired by a corrupt statesman chases down a fugitive. The gunner's ultimate intentions are unknown. Features: -One (optional ) enemy combatant who isn't a bullet sponge and dodges like a ninja. A worthy duel. -Switches the usual hero/villain role, and not in some dumb superficial way. -Two endings. -Zeppelins. Known Bugs: -Sound issues, especially in the part with the falling ceilings. Yeah, yeah, I know it's there. Update 1.1: -Slightly decreased gunfight difficulty -Made it clear that leaving the endgame "arena" counted as disengaging from the fugitive. If you enjoy this game (and even if you didn't), please give feedback/check out my blog at http://sassyechidna.blogspot.com/
Prodevus says...
No Mac version? Damn. Well, looks good anyway!
Alchiggins says...
Gaaah sorry. I made it in Game Maker 8. Thanks though!
harsay says...
Played two times to see both endings. This game missing some background music. It was fun to play and enemy was bit hard :)
Alchiggins says...
Thanks! I'm glad it was fun. Yeah, I'll add background music in the post-compo version if I make one. Out of curiosity, how many tries did it take you to defeat the enemy at the end?
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