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Tetrahedrome, since 1845

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Made for Oculus Rift. We recommend putting this on while playing: http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=11SzQHWlDiE&p=n We weren't able to get any sounds into the game in time, but it's best experienced with some music. Windows and Linux builds are untested.
nesis says...
Some pay bad people good money to feel the way this made me feel for free. It's a fun environment!
shi says...
i have a rift that was left unspoken for; her downfall being access limited to both of the untested operating systems.
@shi What were the issues that you had?
shi says...
i've tried the only other game that had rift support (discoverie) and there were similar issues where it looks like the eye separation is applied vertically instead of horizontally & then not detecting the rift cause rotation was disabled along with any movement keys. apparently, it seems to be a unity 4.2 issue (is this your version?) as brought up in the oculus rift forums - goo.gl/jtYHvH
Cheeseness says...
Thanks for the URL, shi. I'd spotted this in a couple of other places as well and was wondering what the cause might have been. I notice that Fredz mentions that there's no 32 bit Unity Rift library, and this game has no 64 bit client. I wonder if that's an issue that's at play here as well. Thanks for trying to provide a Linux build though. If you manage to get something else together that you need tested, I'd be happy to have another try.
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