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Gravity Well
by JWNJWN | submitted for 7dfps |



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Gravitational Controls

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This is First Person Shooter Puzzle Platformer. In this game you shoot Gravity Wells onto walls, floors and ceilings to navigate around the map and get to the end. There are 4 levels in total, each being possible in under 15 seconds if you are good enough, though the first time you play them I suggest you go slow, then the second time speed up and so on. My own speed run of my own game : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13GmDRBJbHA The buttons in the Main Menu of the Linux version are not in the correct place, I hope all you linux users can get past this fact. Enjoy.
This game is great and deserves more hearts :) A nice challenge over 4 levels which won't take you more than 10 minutes, try it out ! Gaemplay video here : http://youtu.be/CxZaue8rYng Can't wait to see you new version ! Keep up the good work !
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