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The Hunted Thief
by mustachedIon | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Stealing briefcases may get you hunted.

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Pretty basic fps/platformer where you need to steal intelligence briefcase and get back to your ship. Only 8 levels, so it's be pretty short. Linux builds are barely playable imo, sorry. I tested it via Xubuntu 13.04 live cd and found out that: Screen.lockCursor bugs out mouselook, (so I disabled it for linux build) Deferred rendering didin't work at all (but forward did), Mouselook rotates horizontally 360 degrees and stops instead of rotating infinetly. OSX builds were not tested... Graphics, mouse sensitivity and fov can be changed via in-game options menu. (Graphics reset to what you chose in the launcher for every level) If you're getting lag(low fps) on second level, I encourage lowering graphics. When starting levels it might bug out a little. (I have no idea why) Source-Code
HuvaaKoodia says...
Fast paced first person movement based gameplay is a prominent proposition, but also a delicate one. The games that have done it well rely on other mechanics in addition to jumping (parkour in Mirrors Edge) or extremely refined controls and level design (various Quake and Unreal mods). The controls in this one unfortunately aren't very tight. That combined with the tiny platforms, right in the second level, caused me some problems. So either rework those sections in the levels to be challenging in other ways (environmental dangers or similar) or invent additional movement mechanics. Possible mechanics: -Gliding/hovering in air. -Ability to stop motion in mid air. -Air dash. -Creating temporary platforms on a whim. -Double jump.
mustachedIon says...
@HuvaaKoodia I like your suggestions. Especially gliding/hovering in air. But I'm probably going to make a new game from scratch to avoid all the mistakes I did with this one.
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