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A Place of Honour
by Team Dirigible | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
This is not a place of honour... we considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

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-=INTRO=- For generations, our people have hunted here as a rite of passage. Now you stand at the threshold of adulthood... "Place of Honour" is an archery-based game. Explore a terrifying, monolithic ruin; battle horrific creatures, and master the hunter's arts! WASD to move! Shift to run! Left mouse to fire arrows and right to use binoculars! Draw your first arrows from the chest by the front stairs - stand next to the chest, look at it and click! Shoot your way up the food chain! Black arrows that hit red creatures will turn red - they are now coated in the Red creature's blood! This arrow is poisonous to other creatures... -=DETAILS=- Created in Unity, Blender, ZBrush and Reason in 7 Days! We're a team of four Irishmen and one gentleman from New Mexico, all collaborating over Skype, Google Docs and Dropbox! While I think it's fair to say that we're all very proud of what we've accomplished over the seven days, the 7DFPS project that finally crossed the finish line falls a little short of our initial goal. Control lags a lot (due to mixing the character controller with the navAgentMesh - and if anybody out there knows how to get these two to play nice together, leave me a message in this forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/196095-Are-CharacterControllers-and-NavMeshAgents-meant-to-work-together-If-so-how?p=1330802#post1330802 ) and shooting in general is buggy and unpolished. There's a lot of wonderful audio and visual content that isn't included in the webplayer above - due to only having one coder for most of the project, wiring elements into the game had to come second to making sure the core content and gameplay was present in the final build. We'd love to polish our 7DFPS build and get A Place of Honour into a state where we could show it to anyone, so we'll be fixing bugs and connecting content to the game for a few weeks yet. If you're interested in giving us feedback (or you'd like to see more of A Place of Honour (including the actual hunting grounds!)), please leave a message below or tweet @teamdirigible - we'll try to keep an eye on that! Regards, --Team Dirigible -= CREDITS =- JONATHAN BISSELL -Art, coding DECLAN COSTELLO - Initial idea, technical support BILL MCGRATH - Sound effects, music, copy ERIK MORROW - Art, coding REVEREND SPEED - Art, coding, design Want to see more? Then send us a message @TeamDirigible
Gear says...
When you say "will kill red creatures", do you mean that they should disappear once they die? Cause if so, I think I got a bug.
Gear! Sorry about the delay in responding, we were all rather tired after the 7DFPS ended. You're absolutely right about 'will kill red creatures' - unfortunately, 'killing monsters' was not a feature that made it into the final game, so I've rewritten the blurb to reflect that. You CAN, recover (with difficulty) arrows which have been stained red and using the keyboard numbers to switch arrows, progress through the game. Sorry about that! Hope you find the rest of the project interesting! --Rev
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