|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Ed Had a Weird Day
by gnustoboz | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
There's FPS in here somewhere, I promise.

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This is also my 1GAM project for this month, so I have a full writeup available about this game on my 1GAM portfolio. "Ed Had a Weird Day" is the very short tale of Ed, who finds a gun that allows him to interact with a mysterious and confusing third dimension. As I would expect of myself, I've got about 90% framework and 10% content here, but I thought the hybrid platformer/FPS shtick was interesting enough to be enjoyable for the minute or so it will probably require to play through it, even if I barely ended up with anything to shoot at in my FPS. ;) This is my first proper challenge like this (after an unofficial but semi-successful attempt at 7DRTS last month), and aside from music and some art assets I was flying solo here, so I'm just happy this is as playable as it is.
Teh_Bucket says...
awesome concept and well executed.
fei says...
Nice entry! I enjoyed playing this!
deathzero021 says...
It was interesting but not very fun. the annoying mouse icon was frustrating at the last part. Died 4 times just getting up those blocks which could not be seen in the 2D view. Overall it was a nice little experiment, wish there was more of it.
Cheeseness says...
This is great! The mouse cursor is probably a little too unforgiving, but the concept and presentation is pretty good. Hope you take it farther, and thanks for providing a Linux build!
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