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The Others
by AwesomeFaic | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Some things aren't as simple as they seem

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The Others is a casual, experimental, pseudo-platformer where you must appropriate power from those who wish to enslave you. Throughout the game there are subtle cues as to what the reality of the situation is, but I won't spoil the fun. While this is a first-person game, there isn't any shooting. Gameplay lasts 10-30 minutes, and requires users to use their powers of observation to ultimately succeed. There are two micro-endings to the game based on the player's final decisions. Controls are WASD and mouse (Quit is only for standalone versions, so it doesn't do anything in the Webplayer. Mac and PC versions are 64 bit, Linux is 32/64 bit.)
xanthadoo says...
level 3 (the maze.. thing?) scared the bejeezus out of me. awesome game
Zebrazilla says...
Excellent! The Others did really well with maintaining a feeling of presence for me, I very much enjoyed this experience! While I liked the puzzles myself a lot, on their own, these my kind of puzzles really; I do feel in a sense that this particular game would have been even greater without the many challenging puzzles to draw away from the sense of presence. The maze did give me a scare as well. Turning around to find one of those beings standing behind me, where there were none just before, while strolling around and feeling a high level of presence did make me jump up quite a bit out of my chair. Again, well done!
Cheeseness says...
I'll echo the other comments. Very surreal and atmospheric. Perhaps the small pillar platforming in the 4th(?) level was a bit too challenging for the pacing of the game to that point, but it's still enjoyable. Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
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