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Killing Moon FPS Remake
by bisk8s | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
It's an fps remake of a point and click horror adventure

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The game passes in a high-school-thriller-on-an-Halloween-night scenario. The game follows three protagonists: Ash, Barbara and R.J., who are friends. They’re in a High School's Halloween Party, everything feels like just another stupid school party until lights start to fail and weird things happens. Like, really weird shit. You can read more about the history here http://goo.gl/WoHppJ I am a single man team, but I have all the original art from the game, thanks to Danilo Dias who has disposed it to me. It is a Demo of the game, if i get a good reponse from this, i will develop the full game and add some features that in 7days wen't possible :( you can play the full point'n'click version here http://www.kongregate.com/games/keyosjc/killing-moon
Cheeseness says...
Thanks for providing a Linux build! :D
bisk8s says...
You are Welcome :)
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