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Can I create an FPS in JavaScript?

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Being interested in 3D graphics, particularly WebGL and Three.JS (for example, check out my collection of examples), I decided to see if my JavaScript skills could translate into creating an FPS-style experience. You can play the game online and read the postmortem. In the end, I learned a lot from the experience, and I'm motivated to keep working on this project after the competition. What more could you ask for?
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Chronodrax says...
Even on a "good" 2012 computer, with a reduced tiny window, I can't run the game at more than 16 FPS (well, except when jumping into the void :D). Do you think there are ways to optimize the framerate ? I don't know how it's done on Unity, but static objects and use of prefabs can dramatically improve the framerate; maybe you'd need an equivalent of those (though I know nothing about how to do that). Anyway, doing it with Three.js, *that* was a real challenge.
GreaseMonkey says...
On an Intel HD 3000 (I'm running Fedora 16 for your information), this runs at an average of 4FPS. I'm not really in the mood to switch over to the Radeon. Judging by your postmortem, this is a good game. Unfortunately, before I can actually confirm that, I'll have to retry this on a better GPU, OR if you want to optimise this I'll have to retry it when it's been tweaked.
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