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Anomaly Escape
by Gear | submitted for 7dfps |



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A short first-person adventure

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WASD to move Left click and Space can be used once you obtain certain items. My first try at using Unity and making an fps. Warning: Mac OS and Linux builds have not been tested! After a good sleep, you find that the ship's beaten up, the computer's giving you the silent treatment, and you seem to have ended up in an alternate universe. Or a pocket dimension. Or some other other-worldly space thing. Just another day in the life of a space farer. Well, at least that massive anomaly that sent you here hasn't ditched you. Edit: Added Linux and Mac builds
Hi ! This game deserves more hearts and comments. I liked the atmosphere and the aliens references. I made a let's play for those of you who'd like to see the gameplay. http://youtu.be/pCQL_LYgMJ0 Overall cool adventure game! Is any music to be added soon? And also, will the space suit be required in a new build of this game? Would like to see new elements addded to it. Keep up the good work !
Cheeseness says...
Nice work. Really dig the minimalist style and lighting. First time I played through, I missed the cabined with the torch and spent my time fumbling around in the dark. Somehow I was able to grab the valve without getting the key and skipped half the game D: I'm glad I had a second go at it :)
bio says...
Tell you what I think the biggest problem with this game is: it's way, way too dark in there. and the all-white page surrounding it is totally blinding. I would have never found the spacesuit, for example, if I don't happen to hover the cursor over it, totally by chance, and don't get the "Pick up item" prompt. I'm wandering almost totally blind in that room, seeing only what's emitting light - which isn't much. I think this game would definitely benefit from being less (much less) dark. And I mean the light intensity not the atmosphere :) bio
bio says...
Hmmm... I'm afraid I've discovered the same backdoor Cheeseness did: I could pick up the spare valve though I never found a key and so i never opened that cabinet outside - and didn't see anything where I was offered to pick the valve up... bio
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