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Total Recoil
by Mastar | submitted for 7dfps |



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A game where you have a Gun and no legs

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Unity based FPS/scoring-platformer, you have to use your weapons's recoil in order to move. Detailled score based on time, ammo, and accuracy. It's really a proof of concept because it only has 7 maps and a hardcore mod (chain all level with limited ammo and life). It has a FoV slider and rebindable keys ! If you wish to contact me, help me or thanks me : totalrecoil7dfps@gmail.com This is my first game, please be nice. HOW TO PLAY - Objective : Move to the flag - Use your recoil to Move - Use Space to Jump - R to retry - Escape to go to the menu - Left Shift to pause movement while playing - 1,2 or MouseWheel to switch Weapons - Get the key to destroy yellow walls - Avoid red walls
liked by GamerDerek
makuto says...
Wow, great excellent job! It's a really fun, unique idea, and worked perfectly on my Linux machine.
Fun. Also: press Space to Jump :D! A rear-view mirror would be a nice touch thou
Mastar says...
Yeah sorry i forgot to tell about Jump. I thought that a rear-view mirror would make the game i little to easy, i didn't find a way to simplify the gameplay without making the game too easy. PS : Sorry if I made a few mistakes, english isn't my native language.
GamerDerek says...
I tried to play, it was too much fun, forgot to go to the bathroom, peed in my chair.. lol now my grandma has to clean it up.. in trouble and no computer for a week. it's ur fault
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