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Fast fast fast... to the max. Quake/GunZ mashup.

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Multiplayer deathmatch gameplay with Quake-like player physics+ GunZ mechanics. Be warned that this game will probably blow up your computer. You should configure the controls in the splash screen before playing. Block/use don't do anything. There are only 3 weapons; weapons 0, 1, and 2 are sword, shotgun, and rocket launcher respectively. Press enter/esc to toggle locking the cursor. Some gameplay notes:
  • Double tap a direction with the sword weapon out to dash.
  • Press jump while in the air near a wall to do a wall jump.
  • Press 7, 8, 9, and 0 to change the mouse sensitivity.
  • Press 'H' to suitside.
  • Attacking with the sword cancels dashes and wall jumps allowing you to dash or wall jump again, allowing you to get to some otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Walking in the same direction as your current velocity maintains your speed.
Mac/linux builds will be uploaded later. Stuff not finished:
  • No audio
  • Severe lack of assets
  • Animations for other players don't display
  • Block/use/alternate fire don't do anything
  • Map was thrown together and there are some holes that let you go out of bounds
  • Networking might desync; try reconnecting or pressing "H" to kill yourself
  • No interpolation/clientside prediction = other players seem laggy
  • Debug messages show up
  • No weapon selection options
Very little testing was done on the final version due to being in a car when finalizing the project, so there might be some other issues (spawning out of bounds, etc.)
Cheeseness says...
Looks neat. Thanks for providing a Linux build!
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