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Infinity Castle
by eyehawk | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Escape the procedurally generated castle and avoid the dark guardian

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http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/Title.jpg Infinity Castle Story You awaken in a dark, dank cellar with no recollection of how you got here. All you know is that you must escape. A vague memory of a recurring nightmare you had as a child flashes back. You remember running through an infinitely large, ancient and unmistakably evil castle. With dawning horror, you also recall in your dreams that a dark guardian would awaken and hunt you down before you woke up screaming, covered in sweat. But now, as impossible as this situation seems you are in this for real, and you know you must escape before it is too late... Instructions Use your typical FPS controls, e.g. WASD for movement, space = jump, etc. Also remember F = flashlight The flashlight only has limited batteries so use it sparingly Notes It was a bit of a rush job, but I finally finished the game! Please excuse some of the bugs that have inevitably crept in, and some UI inconsistencies. I was hoping to have a bit more in the game, i.e. some random mobs, books that would tell a bit more of the story, treasure to collect, but those features will be for the next version ha :) http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic1.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic2.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic3.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic4.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic5.jpghttp://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic6.jpghttp://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic7.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic8.jpg http://www.eyemobi.com/games/ic/ic9.jpg
Hi ! I really liked this game ! It honestly deserves more views. Here is a gameplay video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D68RHms0Hg Keep up the good work ;)
eyehawk says...
Hi skiesgamingtv! Thanks for your kind words and the wonderful video review. My French is a little rusty but I still enjoyed watching your play through :)
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