|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Composition 62
by nuprahtor | submitted for 7dfps |



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WASD+Mouse - movement Left Mouse Button - shoot Character models by Lowlet Sounds - http://freesound.org/
HuvaaKoodia says...
The soundscape and dreamlike visuals create a strong atmosphere. I had no idea what to expect so, in that light, finding the world empty left me yearning for more rather than disappointed. Trench warfare is an interesting and underused theme and mechanic, but this world could incorporate survival, horror, fantasy and/or exploration elements as well. Keep at it.
nuprahtor says...
Try to play this game at the same time with friend, so you can kill each other a couple of time.
Coconutsales says...
I played this, completely unbeknown of the state of this game. I entered thinking it was solo, that I was the only one to be walking down the foggy corridor. I came to a 4-way, where four tunnels met, and began my journey down the one to my left. I came upon a wall which I could not get past, so I headed back. Halfway there, I heard the sounds of a faint gunshot, and rushed to the location. Still thinking this was not a multiplayer game, I quickly dispatched the man-in-black. I then heard more gunshots and ran to the location, again meeting the man. I chose not to shoot this time, and we coordinated our shots and proved each other to be human. That is when I realized that I was not alone in my journey down the halls. That is the moment the game felt magical to me. Despite it's lackluster features and design, I was so intrigued in the fact that I can meet this total stranger, and still communicate even though there is no true way to communicate. We fired our shots and danced around, and decided to walk the halls together. After a few turns back and forth through numerous tunnels, another player was heard in the distance; to which we took no time in greeting! We did the same ritualistic firing of shots and turning of our characters, and off we went in a group of three. We did our rounds going back and forth from each corridor, until we just stopped. The third player turned and looked at both of us, and consecutively shot us both, and left the game. Me and the other player then met up again, fired shots, and he logged out. Shortly after, I did too. It's really a bland game, lacking much detail, but in lack of detail the world seems all that much fuller. The feeling I got the very moment I realized I met another human was spectacular. I almost wish I could have a way to communicate, but that would very much ruin the feeling. I could have very well been cold hearted and shot him over and over, but I chose not to because he could have very well been the only human I'd meet in that world. I can't say it's good, but the concept is very interesting. Had the world been more detailed, and have more features, I would say it's near perfect. I still have to say I loved this one. I had a wonderful time.
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