|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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by SophieHoulden | submitted for 7hfps |



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Grappling, Dashing, Swinging, Falling!

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Quick test of making a grappling hook based first person platformer, with slidey movement and no air control.
Rxanadu says...
Very interesting. Reminds me of the grappling hook from XIII. Nice art with the gadgets, too. I like how the grappling hook looks in particular. I was a bit confused about how the RMB worked, though. Was it just to propel the player forward?
Played around with this for a few minutes and actually had a great time just running around!
Really fun, I love the glitchiness too.
JW says...
more of this please!
joe_carrot says...
JellyCakes says...
That was pretty cool, Would have liked that to be a full game. Nice job though.
Darkfrost says...
Sweet mechanic :) Was great fun swinging over some of the huge gaps, pity you didn't have time to make some proper levels for it :(
Mutzke says...
Amazing! It would be awesome to see a real game with this!
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