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Inspired by far west duel, you need to be quick and precise to complete the challenges!

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About: Duel, give you a chance to feel the joy of a one-to-one colt combat, like in sergio leone western. Classic Mode is a series of 10 challenges with more and more difficult ennemies with target shooting interlude. Training Mode is only for practicing aiming on target. Controls : Right Mouse Button : Draw Gun Space : Pull the hammer Left Mouse Button : Shoot V : Aim Who : Design : Stevans Robert and Charles Taieb (me) Programming : me Art : Stevans Robert and me Sound : Freesound, Music from Shank of Klei (use it for the prototype don't get time to find another yet)
teeb says...
Shooting controls feel very good and i love the western theme! Could not get past level 9 though :)
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