|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Metal Story
by NostraDamon | submitted for 7dfps |



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rts robot bot game jam fps eploration rpg survival

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GOAL: You run out of energy! Collect crystals around you and keep expanding using pillars to find 10 plasma fruits and leave the planet! CONTROLS: TAB: switch between bots (switch in front of a crystal to collect it, the bot is then unavailable) R: build a pillar to expand the base (the current bot is then destroyed) Press ESCAPE to show the mouse cursor
liked by fei, EvilTroopa
RadJor says...
Was a bit tedious having to move slowly all the way to some far corner, then switch back to a guy at the center and repeat. That being said I enjoyed this game. Neat concept. Ended up in some pretty tight situations before finally running out of energy. I Also liked the 2d sprites. I might end up doing some 2d 3d in a game I'm working on. Anyways, great job.
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