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Blast Or Die B.O.D
by levelplusgames | submitted for 7dfps |



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Multiplayer Bombs FPS

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UPDATE #4: Small update, now you can see which bomb you have equipped in your hand, throwing rate increased. UPDATE #3: Posted a gameplay video. Enjoy! UPDATE #2: We've released the browser version of the game UPDATE: This is a more stable version of the game with critical bug fixes: http://www.levelplusgames.com/bod/Blast_Or_Die_BOD_latest.zip Play with a friend! Blast Or Die focuses on battles using any kind of explosives only. There's no fire weapons here, just explosives. The game also focuses on multiplayer; placing a maximum number of 8 players in a deserted place. The goal; be the last one standing. The players will start only with nine bombs that won’t last forever; they’ll have to explore the whole map collecting materials in order to use a gameplay mechanic called "Bomb Crafting" where the players will be able to create any type of explosive to resupply their inventory depending on the materials they collect. Once the players have created enough explosives, they'll need to decide whether they attack directly to other players, or become a silent ninja, sneaking behind other players or ambushing them by placing traps, you decide how you live or how you die. NOTE: If you are hosting a game, remember to disable your firewall or allow the game in case you are having problems.
carlo.m says...
other link for download the game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13512632/Blast_Or_Die_BOD.zip
Been trying to learn Unity and maybe make a multiplayer game. Any chance of releasing the code?
Hi PuzzledPanther, this is actually our first multiplayer game with Unity so I wouldn't recommend to check our code, is kind of messy. We recommend to check the Networking documentation. By reading it slowly it will help you understand the basics. http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/NetworkReferenceGuide.html Good luck!
Mr.Mime says...
Cool game! I had a little of luck and got a server going. Wish you guys could set a server for those who need one or two pals to play. Maybe 1vs1? player vs npc? just for the try out. Loving what you did, little lost but cool lol , I hope you continue with the development. Good luck!
Thank you so much for your comment Mr.Mime. While negative feed back is good in order to improve ourselves, we also love possitive feedback which makes us go further and realize if we're going in the right direction. And you're right, we'll try to have a hosted game on the day for those who can't find a partner to play with. Once again, Thank you :)
dragonshards says...
took a few times to start, browser version froze up chrome and made my computer blue screen - windows 8
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