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Untitled Voxel Shooter
by Tritax | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Not your father's voxels

Everything is modeled using voxels - maps, weapons, player models. Maps are currently locked to a 4 voxels per meter scale (I had to limit it for some of my weapon ideas). Models for weapon and players can be created at any voxel resolution - many of the weapons are modeled at 128 voxels per meter resolution. Overall, it's a fast-paced multi-player arena shooter featuring power-ups, health packs, and random loot drops. Everyone begins with a simple rifle but can earn special weapons by killing other players. Currently, the special weapon upgrades include: - Ricochet Gun - bullets bounce endlessly until they hit something (you included) - Timewarp Gun - swap velocity with your bullets (you're fast, but they're slow .. or viceversa) - Teleport Gun - who doesn't love a good telefrag? - LARP Gun - shoot Fireballs, Ice down sections to remove friction, or hurl LIGHTNING BOLT! Also, as a part of this project, I had to create the tools for content creation - A voxel modeller for creating player and gun models, an editor for creating maps, and an animation editor for creating voxel animations (for player models).
liked by JackFrost
RadJor says...
Guns look fun, and I've been jonesing for some more well constructed voxels in my life. Gonna put up a download link in the near future?
GamerDerek says...
Reminds me of minecraft lol you need a download link
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