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The Oasis Expedition
by mzandvliet | submitted for 7dfps |



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In which Jebe fiddles with the focus knob.

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The Oasis Expedition The Oasis Expedition is a game about the beauty of photography. We created a nature environment and an ecosystem with several (two!) creatures in it. And some plants for them to eat, of course. You're invited to take pictures. TAKE PICTURES. (Go to the sand bit. It's the prettiest.) We took the chance to experiment and get familiar with a couple of technologies and techniques. HDR rendering, fancy post processing, behavior trees for AI, navigation meshes, more organic modeling; it's all in there. Because we used so many new things we ran into even more trouble than usually, so the game is completely unpl- somewhat unfinished. Enjoy what is there though! Controls Move: WASD Run: Shift Jump: Space Look: Mouse Switch To Camera: Right Mouse Button / Tab Zoom: Q - E Focus: Scrollwheel / 1 - 3 Aperture: F - R Shutter Time: G - T Your photos are saved to .png, and can be found in the /Photos folder of the game. Mac & Linux versions are forthcoming.
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ljdp says...
I find this to be a beautiful idea. Kudos.
ljdp says...
Ideas to turn this from a 'toy' to a 'game'. Have rewards for capturing rare creatures. Maybe you can sell your photos for points you can use to buy better camera equipment.
mzandvliet says...
Thanks ljdp!
Several says...
I hope 'forthcoming' is soon. I'd like to give this a go on the mac.
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