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Circuit Stomper
by TheMightyKraken | submitted for 7dfps |



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FPS/RTS in a mech!

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So we finally came up with a working title and a build. There are still behaviour problems to be worked out but we're going to keep working on this post jam. As is often the case some late bugs popped up and some major gameplay features are not working correctly as of this build. We do hope to iron these out and we'll keep working on a fully functional prototype for this game, but it will be a while before we release any more builds into the wild. This was our first games jam together and we really feel we got a lot of solid work done despite setbacks. We've learned a lot and created some very interesting systems, so I think it's only fair to throw out a big thank you to the organisers! You guys rock! Controls: --------------- FPS: W = Forward S = Back A = Turn left D = Turn right (No strafing - mech, natch) Left click = Fire Tab = Switch between FPS / RTS view RTS: Left click = Select unit Left click and hold = Selection box for units Right click = Command unit Credits: The Mighty Kraken: Ronan Tumelty - RTS system, RTS interface, Level design, Unit design, Switch from FPS to RTS, Various other tasks Kieran White - AI, Health and damage systems, Other tasks Eoin Mulvey - Original concept, FPS targeting, PR (hello!), Other tasks http://themightykraken.com With thanks to: Frankie Carroll - Cockpit model Ian Murphy - Music and sound effects - https://myspace.com/theamazingianmachine Produced in Unity3D
Fenlig says...
Awesome stuff keep it up!
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