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Shadow Horror
by Pdude | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
There's something about this house...

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Investigate the house to find what lurks in the basement! -Controls Left mouse to focus flashlight beam/dunk water. Right mouse to interact/pick up bucket. Backspace restarts game. The game isn't yet fully fleshed out, I intend to take a few days to bring it up to par. I will post a behind the scenes developer diary about it so be sure to check it out on my channel. And if you like game dev videos, have a look at my behind the scenes here: Behind the scenes video Thanks guys! LINK TO GAME PAGE
Mutzke says...
Nice atmosphere, solid controls, but there is one big thing, that really irritates me: I am falling out of the world a minute after I started the game!
Pdude says...
Yeah oddly enough I had it happen to other people but only very rarely to me. Regardless I will fix it today and re-upload the build. Thanks for trying it out!
Hello ! Great game ! The first minutes feel creepy :) Did find your easter egg, you troll :) and, I believe, a few bugs. If this helps I made a video on my channel (Trying out lots of game from 7dfps on it) where you can see them. The video is here : http://youtu.be/VoJL1dC0l_E It's in french so let me tell you what I say when believed bugs occur ; -I guess the fire sound shouldn't be there anymore once the chinmney is off (If you go underneath it after using the water) -A pretty weird bug with the bucket that made me jump out of the floor -It seems impossible to get past the stairs nearest to the kitchen. I think it's all. Not a bug I believe but I guess I found it a bit annoying to have to crouch in a special way to get access to the cave. (Btw, we do agree the monster's harmless right now? I'm afraid I might have quit the game a bit early) Well that's all for now, hope it helps, cheers !
(Quick add to my prev. post :) I was able to get up the stairs on the web version ! Seems much easier but still tricky, and I think I realized one shouldn't get there as the room seems empty at the moment. Also, just a suggestion about the entrance, maybe adding the possibility of clearing the fire from here with the bucket too would be cool. I dont know, wanted to water it out too haha. This is totally up to you tho, just a thought I had. Keep up the good work !
deathzero021 says...
wasn't really sure what to do. the lack of sound effects like walking also hurts the atmosphere of the game. the red light seems pointless for LMB. I don't know what the bucket is for, i fill it up with water but it doesn't put fires out or do anything. Oddly enough i threw the bucket at a fire and the fire disappeared yet the light of it stayed. seems pretty buggy, stairs barely work, i couldn't get up any of them. didn't really like this, the programming is quite sloppy at the moment. the graphics were pretty good though.
ZaxGee says...
Hey, I tested this game and I think I've seen mostly everything if not then I suppose nearly everything. I really enjoyed it, the textures was flipping great and I hope maybe you'll make some game series with horrors with unique horror stories etc. Instead of just slendy and such. Because when I played this I thought it was freaking am*zing and so I hope you make more of something like this. I can agree on some of what Deathzero21 said. Overall it's great and just needs more work.
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