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An Underwater 6DOF Shooter

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TITLE SCREEN EXPLORING THERE IS NO DOWN COLOURS THEMES This started as an experiment in 6DOF movement and just generally exploring what I can do in 3d. It's sort of a twin-stick shooter, in that you can run away while shooting backwards with the same speed as moving forwards, it's just that your visibily is somewhat affected. Light plays a big role, as enemies aren't really visible until they're very close or lit up by flares or gunshots. I don't really have much more to say right now because it's 3am and I just finished this. Maybe I'll think of something later. Like getting the name of the guy who did the music. devlog email
Several says...
This is very pretty. But you probably already know this. Alas! It's difficult to notice that I'm being attacked until I've died. The sound is faint and there's insufficient (i.e. not any?) visual feedback. While this ambiguity is kind of interesting and dreamlike, it seems like you could tastefully embellish the mood with additional indicators of proximity or being hit—say, by making the creatures flicker light when they're very near, or twisting you slightly when they hit you. Many possibilities.
Several says...
Ah. Also: after dying once, I seemed to be invincible on the second round. I didn't particularly mind this, as it meant I got to play with the lights and admire the visuals much more. But you may want to fix. If it makes a difference, I was playing the web build.
sstrandberg says...
Couldn't manage to reproduce the invincibility - perhaps the game was sympathetic to you and decided to give you a break? Updated to fix the spawning - I had commented out the line that made it exponential instead of linear.
LokisSword says...
I like this a lot, agree with the comment above though about increasing the feedback for being attacked. I did love the dreamy feeling though, very serene.
Very nice! Great style and concept.
Opotable says...
Wow this is awesome ! Could you make a simple version with no enemies ? This would be neat !
Cheeseness says...
Nice style. The world needs more 6dof shooters :D Thanks for providing a Linux build ^_^
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