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My very first real and original game... Still a WIP

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To download: click File>Download on the Google Drive page. WINDOWS USERS: Place the "_data" folder and the .exe in one folder and run the .exe from there. NOTE: I finished and uploaded my game about 18 minutes before the end of the jam. I have edited this post to fix mistakes and write different things. This is my very first original Unity game. I am still learning Unity, so this is not very good. I literally started learning in early July. I had big plans but they were cut short due to starting work 3 days into the challenge. The reason I named the game Remote is because I used a picture of myself holding a television remote and used it as the gun sprite! Speaking of sprites, that was another hurdle... I used sprites in Unity. For a first game, making it in a way unsupported by the engine is not very smart, but I wanted to try it. I had enemies and was working on an A.I. Pathfinding system with A*, but I was not able to finish it in time... I basically crunched the last 18 minutes to finish and build the thing! ...So, this is an unfinished, probably boring project. But it is my first! And I told myself I would participate in the challenge, and I did! The controls are generic WASD for moving and mouse for looking. No up and down movement, though! (Was not necessary.) You must find all 39 coins to win. They are scattered about the maze behind doors (that you might have to jump to shoot down). Once you get the 39th coin the game will end. Thanks for playing my game if you do! :) I would thank Niall Taylor (@nialljtaylor) for giving me a model for a revolver. I did not use it in the final game, as I did not have time to implement it, but I plan on using it and would like to thank him as he helped me and encouraged me as well. Note: I used UnIDE while making this game. It is basically a code editor built into Unity, nothing more. I dunno if I have to say I used it (probably not because it does not change the game) but I will because it is amazing and I love it. OTHER NOTE: YOU MIGHT HAVE TO JUMP AND SHOOT TO BREAK DOWN THE DOORS.... AGAIN, ANOTHER BEGINNER ISSUE I COULD NOT FIX IN TIME.
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teeb says...
I really like the idea of using remote as a gun! And you released something playable with very little experience in unity, so you did great! Keep coding!
Thank you very much for the kind words! And thanks for replying to my question on your game! :)
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