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Turret Crisis
by Thomas | submitted for 7dfps |



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Clash Of The Giant Hover Turrets (in Space)

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The iLrekU computer virus has spread across the whole star system and caused all hover turrets to go rampage. Too bad that you are one of them. Will you survive the madness? Controls: Mouse + W,S,A,D to move/aim/shoot Space to jump CTRL to "leap" to the place you look at Music by phasenwandler -- http://ccmixter.org/people/phasenwandler
Alchiggins says...
THAT WAS AWESOME. Seems like this could be further developed into some totally badass space combat sim.
Thomas says...
@Alchiggins glad you liked it! Maybe I'll find the time to add MP and more weapons and stuff
HuvaaKoodia says...
The gameplay is solid and I get a mighty fine space battle feeling from all the lasers flying around. The only addition I can think of is an impact sound effect for when you hit a planet's surface, as at times it's impossible to tell whether you've landed already or not. I second the notion for further development.
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