|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Rocket Jump Quest
by Trashgames | submitted for 7hfps |



Tag line
Use the power of the Rocket Jump to collect orbs!

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Use the power of the rocket jump to collect all 10 orbs in the level as quickly as possible. To rocket jump simple aim the rocket launcher at your feet and shoot. The force will propel you in the opposite direction. Collect all the green orbs to win! Controls Left Mouse - Shoot Rocket WSAD or Arrow keys - Move Mouse - Look Space - Jump
nesis says...
This is a pretty fun game, at least in my opinion. Rocket jumping is badass :D
danbo says...
It would be cool if the player could move around quicker on the ground, or preserve speed from jumps via strafejumping or something. But I have no idea how to get something like that working. The gun model reminds me of the super nailgun from Quake!
Chronodrax says...
For a game made in 7h, it's really fun to play :) Rocket-jumping in the wrong direction and seeing no platform to shoot at, ending with an inevitable fall into the void, that's one rather efficient learning curve for the player :D As there is no predetermined path, it feels a bit more like an open world, and that's cool! It lacks explosions :D But well, 7h and all. When you're falling towards a platform while firing like hell, you can rocket-jump way higher than intended. Maybe reducing the fire rate could prevent that. http://oi42.tinypic.com/2ekhyzc.jpg Do you intend to make a bigger game around this gameplay for the 7DFPS ? 193 seconds on my 1st try...
Trashgames says...
Hi Everybody Thanks for the comments / feedback. I intend to turn this into a bigger game for the 7DFPS challenge if I have the time. And also to add highscores and stuff so people can compete to get the fastest time / use the least amount of rockets. I'd also love to get strafejumping and preserve momentum and things like in Quake, so I'll probably rework the controls a bit. Also add some more elements to the level(s) like jump pads, teleporters maybe even magnets? to make it a bit more of a puzzle game.
168 seconds, discovered you can "double jump" which made everything more interesting and easier. Liked reverse jumps for more horizontal distance. I could add music and sounds if you wanted. Best 7HFPS I've played.
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