|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Kangaroo Simulator
by MrOtton | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Marsupials with Boxing Gloves!

Hop around with your mob, beat up other kangaroos.
JW says...
looks hilarious!
wine says...
Finally I will be able to beat the Kangaroos!
PunkBuster44 says...
love it
roach7 says...
Nice. Would like an objective to do.
Why is there no link?
tanntabo says...
its over 7 days it failed
Cheeseness says...
@MrOtton Loving the redder sand :D @tanntabo 7DFPS has no rules, and no failures. Many people have been working on their games beyond the event's week, and the organisers have encouraged developers to do so. Having had the opportunity to play an earlier version of this game, I am really glad to see that it's still being developed.
No link? sadface... btw, can you make an internet link, i prefer internet games so i don't have to take up space on my hard drive
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