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TreeScape (v1.1)
by xvart | submitted for 7dfps |



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An art game about soudscapes and acoustic ecology

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Concept: TreeScape is a FPS game about nature, soundscapes and acoustic ecology. Shoot trees to listen what they are saying. Explore the landscape and play with light and sound to experience TreeScape. There is no winning but the aim is to create your own soundscape and think about soundscapes in the real world. If interested in acoustic ecology, I recommend you to read this short paper (4 pages) paper: http://wfae.proscenia.net/library/articles/wrightson_intro.pdf‎ (copy pasting may add extra characters to the end so please check the end of the address if you get 404) Controls: Move with w,a,s,d. Look with mouse. Shoot with left mouse button. Press "F" to enable/disable footstep sounds. Press "ESC" to return to menu. Details: TreeScape v1.1 is an update to the 7hFPS. Still the game is created in total of ~10 hours rather than 7 days due to other obligations. This version includes a new level design, sound mixing and lots of eye candies (that might be computation heavy). Credits: The nature sounds that are used comes from: http://archive.org/details/Sounds_of_Nature_Collection The footstep sounds are from Fallout: New Vegas Title font from http://www.dafont.com/nature.font The 3D assets come from Unity. Known issues: Collision detection is not perfect (when too near to trees). The underwater effect is an imperfect hack. Mac and Linux versions are not tested. More images: Please leave a comment and tell me what do you think! Thanks!
liked by Zhamul, xvart, Cheeseness
Cheeseness says...
Oh wow, this is great! Thanks for making this. It stands out amongst the other entries this year :) Thanks also for providing Linux builds! :D
xvart says...
Thanks! I hope the Linux build works as I could not try it.
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