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Duke Matchem
by EvilTroopa | submitted for 7dfps |



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Play Cupid to match couples in a park

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I wrote about it in the posts section, but forgot to create the game here, with the same download link. Here the description I posted : So you're playing Cupid that has to match couples in a park, FPS-style. It was made with Unity and it's our first attempt for a FPS, or a proper game on it. We're a team of 2 : EvilTroopa : code, additionnal design, sound (not so much) Olyfno : 3D design We're still missing music and a few graphics but it's playable. What you can do :
  • Fly (multiple jumps + extra-speed)
  • Use different arrow colors to match different couples at the same time (scroll wheel)
  • Save highscores
  • Laugh at our poorly drawn characters (never give a graphics job to a dev)
  • Enjoy this game
What was planned :
  • See the player's character
  • Hear Duke quotes parody
  • Real animation
  • AAA quality (naaah just kidding)
The versions for Mac & Linux (maybe web) will arrive later.
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