|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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John Carmack's Airshot Challenge
by danbo | submitted for 7hfps |



Tag line
It's not rocket science.

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Enlist the assistance of one of id software's classic personalities and blow teapots away with a rocket launcher! The act of the "airshot" (midair, blue plate special, whatever you want to call it) is easily my favourite aspect of old multiplayer arena shooters. It's a rare moment of style and a lovely display of the sort of "brutal elegance" that defines those games. I originally thought of this idea for an SA gamedev contest following the lines of Subversive Edutainment, being a game that teaches you how to shoot people in mid-air. I couldn't figure out how to take it much further than the baseline, so it fit the bill for a 7hfps. I wonder if I made it too hard. (Updated : http://7dfps.org/?action=post&id=174)
JW says...
so good
xrlk says...
Very edgy
JellyCakes says...
Was pretty good, really hard and easy to lose though. Nice one anyway
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