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Be a cat. Knock things to the ground.

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Play as a cooped-up cat where your paw is your only weapon and mischief-making is your only directive. Movement: WASD Sprint: Hold Shift Jump: Space (hold to jump higher) Look/Swat: Mouse (ESC to unlock cursor) Move your paw to swat at things and knock them onto the floor. Knock as much stuff on the floor before time runs out! Made by Chris Chung www.chrischung.com @Chrixeleon
HuvaaKoodia says...
@Chrixeleon The premise is funny, but the gameplay is sloppy. In a game like this collision detection should be up to snuff, yet the very first thing I do is push a pillow through the wall of the house! Swatting stuff with the paw is unresponsive and, when it does hit an object, there is no response to it other than the object moving in a seemingly random direction for a seemingly random force. Thus pushing the objects becomes the main tool for promised mischief-making which honestly isn't all that exiting. So improvements wise the following would do: -Improving hit detection for the paw. -Adding audio-visual effects for the interaction and collisions. -Additional objectives/limitations alongside with the timer. Relating to the third point: There could be a dog in the room who tries to catch the cat so that falling to the floor becomes a failure state. This would also give an incentive for throwing stuff down, trying to hit that dreadful dog. Alternatively a bird flown in through the window who the cat is trying to catch before it flies away. That way all the mayhem just happens in the process of playing. Some audio for the owner of the house coming in after all the ruckus could be potentially hilarious as well.
Chrixeleon says...
@HuvaaKoodia Thanks for the lengthy critique! I took another look at the paw's collision detection and it turns out there was a bug introduced when I was messing with the mouse look code. I've updated the game with a fix and some other minor changes, so hopefully it plays a little better! If I end up continuing development I'd definitely like to try to make the swatting more fun/interesting. Some audio, especially feedback for knocking things around, would also be a top priority. Other objectives like the ones you suggested might be neat, too.
vrav says...
Hahah. I like it.
RadJor says...
Funny idea. I like the cat paw just sticking out there :P. Would be legit fun with more responsive swatting and an actual swipe attack. Anyways, good work!
deathzero021 says...
controls and collisions were really weird. seemed like it could have been fun but it didn't turn out as well as it could have.
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