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Watergun Capture The Flag! (Singleplayer + Multiplayer) (Update: Version 3)

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Overview: My 7DFPS entry - a watergun based capture the flag. Multiplayer over Facebook, with a singleplayer training mode. Win matches to level up, use attribute points to upgrade your character! Plenty of features are coming soon (gold, in-game store, multiple characters, build your own base!) Notice: Uses Facebook for authentication - stores no personal details except for your name, and a link to your icon to show in the lobby. Player attributes and statistics are stored on my website. Features:
  • Waterguns with adjustable pressure, but also have limited water capacity and can be refilled by walking through the river.
  • Procedural forest/base placement so the game is different each time you play.
  • Multiplayer only for now (single player is coming soon!)
  • Character attributes that can be leveled up (more water capacity for your water gun, higher jumps, etc.) by winning matches.
  • Single player training number.
Objective: Cross the river to steal the other team's flag and return it back to your base, all the while defending your own flag from being stolen! Updates: Version 3:
  • Reinsterted the game's logo on the top left corner of the screen, it was accidentally taken out in the previous update.
  • Normalize movement when going diagonal, to prevent straferunning.
  • Added a single player training mode with bots.
  • The flag cloth doesn't collide with terrain anymore - which would occasionally cause it to get hooked on it the terrain.
  • Added a loading message so the menu doesn't simply freeze while the level loads.
  • Added the ability to play as a guest without having to log in through Facebook - however this only works for training mode.
Version 2:
  • Stopped the camera from bobbing while walking - I had complaints that it was too hard to aim while walking as the water would spray everywhere as you bobbed.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally other players were being displayed at an offset to where they actually were, making it hard to shoot them or making it look as if they were flying.
  • Added ramps to the side of the base - I had complaints it was too hard to get up onto the base.
  • Fixed an issue in "Join Match" where the listed servers returned a false number of players.
Version 1:
  • Initial release.
Common Errors:
  • "Invalid Session" - This usually happens if you have multiple copies of the game open using the same Facebook account. Each time you log in, a new 'session' is created, if the same Facebook account is playing multiple sessions, you will likely get this error.
  • Stuck on "Retrieving Statistics" - If you launch the desktop version, a pop up window will appear in the background to sign you in to Facebook. The game is trying to detect if you are signed in to download your character's attributes. If for some reason you get stuck on this, first check if there are any opened browser windows in the background, and if it still doesn't work, try restarting the game.
  • People can't connect to my game - Check your firewall settings on the server. The game uses port 19322.
alastaira says...
Couldn't access the app - looks like the SSL certificate for https://www.andrewalexanderprice.com is invalid.
AndrewAPrice says...
alastaira - Thanks for the comment - if you're having problems with HTTPS then you may try: http://www.andrewalexanderprice.com/drenched/canvas.php I'm working on an update that'll include a downloadable version and single player!
AndrewAPrice says...
I've added downloadable builds. The downloadable builds still require Internet access (it makes service calls to my website to store character attributes, wins, the lobby grabs your icon off of Facebook, etc.) but can now be launched and installed like a regular program.
jimjames says...
It works great for me! I love it! Unique concept with colorful graphics :)
R1NG3R37 says...
Very neat idea and very fun to play. I can't wait for future updates!
LokisSword says...
Gave it a try, unfortunately I got stuck at Loading Statistics the first time. Second time I could get to the host/join screen but unfortunately no one else seemed to be playing :(
AndrewAPrice says...
Thanks for trying it out LokisSword. Yes, unfortunately, it's multiplayer only (I did not have enough time to work on AI) but I am working on a single player mode!
P0RK says...
Awesome game, played with my bro. One of the best.
JohnGunner says...
P0RK above is my brother. Nice game. Sad its only multiplayer.
IronClaw says...
Nobody in the lobby
turd says...
Yeah I couldn't test it either. You really need friends to play this.
AndrewAPrice says...
Hey people, thanks for commenting and giving it a try. I added "Multiplayer" in the tag line so people don't get confused thinking it's singleplayer.
AndrewAPrice says...
I have been working on a single player mode. It is going to simulate a 16 vs 16 match. Winning in single player matches will count towards your wins/level ups.
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