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Pixels At Dawn
by grieve | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Gentlemen must settle their differences.

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Two gentlemen have a disagreement; Verily there can only be one solution. Pixels At Dawn PLAY NOW! --------- Instructions W,A,S,D to move ~ mouse to look/aim Hold left mouse button to aim, release to fire Aim longer before firing for better accuracy Mash Q and P to reload when prompted When the round begins, walk until given the signal, and then turn and shoot. Duel with dignity and defend your honour and good name, sir! --------- Created for 7DFPS 2013, Pixels At Dawn is a Cock-Baroque 2 Player Duel made in Javascript with THREE.js. Server and networking coded in Node.js. Only tested to work fully in the latest Google Chrome. Guilty parties are James Byrne, Neil McCallion and Ryan Grieve
P0RK says...
Just played it. Great job!
great concept!
Download link is broken
grieve says...
Hi - The server is experiencing some problems at the minute - hope to have it resolved ASAP. Thanks.
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