|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Floating Gun
by nesis | submitted for 7hfps |



Tag line
Rush to destroy all the targets as fast as you can!

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The aim's simple - destroy all the targets as quickly as you can. Try to beat your old times to get the lowest score possible. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Controls Left click to shoot Scroll to change weapon (shotgun and energy gun) Space to jump WASD to move R to restart Click to skip the flythrough intro If you get < 30 seconds, you're doing well. If you get < 20 seconds, you've probably found a glitch I left in since I like cool "hidden" stuff like that :D If you get < 9 seconds, what are you, an aimbot?! D: Info on guns Energy gun: Shots reflect off any wall hit until they disappear 5 seconds later. Each shot can destroy only one target. Shotgun: Shots go in a straight line and stop once they hit a surface. Each shot fires 7 pellets, meaning one well-timed shot can hit a whopping 7 targets at once.
Nonameghost says...
Sweet! I love the environment the most actually. Very Mirror's Edge! Smooth, vibrant colors and really bright Whites!
JellyCakes says...
Pretty good gameplay, I think sounds would make it even better. Nice one.
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