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The world's first true rhythm-based FPS

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GLOBEAT is, quite literally, the first ever true rhythm-based FPS - plug in some music and the environment morphs to the beat. And by environment, we don't just mean the level, but the enemies, your weapon (More points if shot on the beat) and event the crosshair. As well as the [not yet implimented] 'play your own song' mode, there is also be a story mode taking you through an album with specially developed levels. Note: As of 7DFPS - only the tutorial level is available This game was developed by Daniel Masterson and Nathaniel Fisher of FKProductions.net. GLOBEAT is copyright FKProductions.net 2013-2014. Experience Synaesthesia. Utilise it. Destroy it. Note: This was accidentally deleted, hence the recent add. The stats before deletion were 9 hearts and 5 comments.
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