|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Knife Throwing Simulator: You don't want to download this!
by Aksami0 | submitted for 7hfps |



Tag line
Weeeeeeeh..... I did some thing very worng

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Too tired to make a game... My goal was to make knife throwing simulator, but then i calculated everything wrong and now i'm going to cry my self into sleep. I also need to develop my game engine more as you can see. Controls: Move: WASD Throw knife: Space =================================================== Now knife throwing is working almost right.
EHCB says...
There's something very satisfying about slowly learning to operate your knifecube and sending it off into the big wide world! I got pretty attached to it! Thank you!
Mutzke says...
The title and the description made me wanna download it so hard.. So I just did ^^ I am kinda excited to play it =D
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