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No Light Combat
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Can't see shit

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Presenting: No Light Combat (wink wink) There is no light in the level, so you have to shoot glowing orbs with your right mouse button to have any chance of finding your opponents and getting some sort of orientation (shoot laser with left). Also, hit someone with a light orb and they will light up themselves. Created in a little more than seven hours by two guys from the comfort of a little apartment at the beach. You can only play online on the same network. This was the first time we made an online game in Unity. You should probably run it in fullscreen so you can use your right mouse button properly.
tyen says...
I'll have to find some time to play this with some friends :) It would be nice to have some windows builds also
defacid says...
You can fall off of the map in one of the corners. There's no way to die/reset. :P
JW says...
Mutzke says...
Great Idea! A Bit buggy, but ok ^^ I hope you are going for Windows versions! Btw: Best. Description. Ever!
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